59th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Gastroenterology

28th November - 1st December 2018
Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre, Kochi, Kerala


Day 1
Pre Conference CME - Scientific Program
28.11.2018, Wednesday - 08:45 to 17:45 
With 1 hour Lunch Break - 13:00 to 14:00
08:45 - 09:00 Session 1
08:45 - 09:00 Inauguration
Naresh Bhat, Govind Makharia, P Augustine, Mathew Philip, Sunil Mathai, GN Ramesh, H Ramesh
One minute silence for flood victims
09:00 - 10:00 Session 2: Interface with Basic Sciences
Coordinator: Varghese Thomas, Chairs: VG Mohanprasad, KT Shenoy, Usha Dutta, Vijay Yajnik
9:00 - 9:20 Modulation of the GI Micro biome: towards probiotics and FMT in GI disease Vineet Ahuja
9:20 - 9:40 Understanding the colonic cancer genetic syndromes KM Mohandas
9:40 - 10:00 Genetic studies in chronic pancreatitis: separating the chaff from the grain DN Reddy
10:00 - 11:05  Session 3: Interface with Oncology
Coordinator: KR Vinayakumar, Chairs: SL Broor, Philip Abraham, V Jayanthi, George Chandy
10:00 - 10:15 H Pylori and carcinogenesis AS Puri
10:15 - 10:30 Diagnosis and management of early esophageal cancer Prasad Iyer
10:30 - 10:50 GB cancer: is there new light at the end of the old tunnel? Anil Agarwal
10:50 - 11:05 DAA therapy and the risks of hepatocellular carcinoma- Is the risk real ? What are the solutions? Subrat  K Acharya
11:05 - 11:50  Session 4: interface with radiology
Coordinator: Roy Mukkada, Chairs: SP Misra, Anu Eapen, Lijesh Kumar, Shanmugasundaram
11:05 - 11:20 Elastography – can it replace biopsy? Nori Vijayabhaskar
11:20 - 11:35 Left gastric artery embolization: can it replace other obesity treatments Rajesh Antony
11:35 - 11:50 PET CT in GI malignancies: where do we stand, and where do we go from here? Sudeep Shah
11:50 - 13:00  Session 5: Interface with Hepatology
Coordinator: Yogesh Chawla, Chairs: RK Dhiman, PN Rao, S Sudhindran, Sudhanshu Patwari, Tayumanavan
11:50 - 12:05 Portal biliopathy: a consequence of procrastination? Ajay Duseja
12:05 - 12:25 Hepatitis C therapy: have we found the right formula? Paul J Thuluvath
12:25 - 12:40 Transplantation for acute alcoholic hepatitis: where do we stand? Dharmesh Kapoor
12:40 - 13:00 ACLF management-a practical approach Shiv Sarin
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 14:45  Session 6: Interface with Endoscopy-1
Coordinator: RP Venu: Chairs: Krishnadas, RP Wadhwa, L Venkatakrishnan, CG Pai
14:00 - 14:15 Image enhanced endoscopy- future trends Sneha John
14:15 - 14:30 Robotic Endoscopy – towards reality? Lawrence Ho
14:30 - 14:45 Intraductal endoscopy- The Flips and the flops Randhir Sud
14:45 - 15:45  Session 6: Interface with Gastrointestinal Surgery
Coordinator: P Dhar Chairs: K Prakash, Vikram Bhatia, CJ Varghese, Baiju Senadhipan
14:45 - 15:05 IPMN: observe or resect and when? Adarsh Chaudhary
15:05 - 15:25 Current role of metabolic surgery Praveen Raj Palanivelu
15:25 - 15:45 Newer approaches in rectal cancer to improve R0 resection Rohin Mittal
15:45 - 16:45  Session 8: Interface with Endoscopy-2
Coordinator; Sunil K Mathai, Chairs: KR Palaniswami, P Zacharias, Sandeep Lakhtakia, Rajiv Mehta
15:45 - 16:05 Advances in EUS - have the goals been met? Kenneth Binmoeller
16:05 - 16:25 Third space endoscopy - present and future Amit Maydeo
16:25 - 16:45 EUS guided biliary drainage –who, when , which and how ? Kazuo Hara
16:45 - 17:45  Session 9: Gazing into the crystal ball: recent advances and a look into the future
Coordinator: KT Shenoy, Chairs: TS Chandrasekar, Ismail Siyad, Geetha Sanil, Thomas CP
16:45 - 17:05 Personalized genomic medicine: is it possible in gastroenterology? Douglas Corley
17:05 - 17:25 Statin prescription in portal hypertension – are we practising evidence based medicine? CE Eapen
17:25 - 17:45 Crohn’s disease in children: are the goal posts different? Malathi Sathyasekharan

Scientific Program
Timings Luminal- Hall 1 Endoscopy- Hall 2 Liver- Hall 3
Day 2
08:00-09:00 GE CLINICS
Moderators: Naresh Bhat, GN Ramesh
09:00-09:20 Presidential address
Chairpersons: TS Chandrasekhar, Ajay Kumar
Speaker: Naresh Bhat
09:20-09:45 PN Chuttani Oration
Chairpersons: Rakesh Tandon, JB Dilawari, Sharad Shah
Speaker: Vivek Saraswat
09:45-10:10 CM Habibullah Oration
Chairpersons: MP Sharma, Kartar Singh, RR Rai, Md.Aejaz Habeeb
Uday C Ghoshal
Indian contribution to G I motility and Functional GI disease research
10:10-11:10 Plenary session
Chairpersons: Anoop Saraya,Manisha Dwivedi, V Jayanthi, Mishra S P
Outcome of management protocol to reduce von Willebrand factor (vWF) in acute hepatic dysfunction: Hepatotoxicity due to yellow phosphorus (rat killer) poisoning as a prototype
Debasis Sardar (CMC, Vellore)

2. Optimizing infliximab therapy using a Dashboard approach – An Indian experience
Devendra Desai (PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai)

3. Time-dependent associations of acute pancreatitis with gut microbial dysbiosis and altered intestinal permeability: Lessons learnt from experimental model
Aparna Jakkampudi (AIG, Hyderabad)

4. Normative values of sarcopenia in the Indian population
Sandeep Sidhu (DMCH, Ludhiana)

5. Utility of neutrophil CD64 and in distinguishing bacterial infection from disease flare in severe alcoholic hepatitis
Gaurav Pande (SGPGI, Lucknow)

6. Predictive models of the outcome of medical management of acute severe ulcerative colitis using principal component analysis and artificial neural network
Uday C Ghoshal (SGPGI, Lucknow)

 (Paper 1-6: 8+2 Minutes)
11.10-12:10 Young Investigator Award 
SK Acharya, VA Saraswat, Ashok Chacko
Quantitative proteomic analysis identifies dysregulated platelets in severe alcoholic hepatitis
Adil Bhat(ILBS, New Delhi)

Generation of secondary humanized livers through intra-omental transplantation of bioengineered livers for the management of end-stage liver diseases
Sandeep K Vishwakarma (Hyderabad)

Pentazocine, a kappa-opioid agonist, is better than diclofenac for analgesia in acute pancreatitis: A randomized controlled trial
Soumya Jagannath Mahapatra (AIIMS, Delhi)

Thromboelastography guided blood product transfusion in patients with chronic liver disease undergoing invasive liver-related procedures: A randomized controlled trial
Sudheer Kumar Vuyyuru (AIIMS, Delhi)

Hepatitis B virus-infected pregnant females with higher circulating HBsAg levels showed impaired immune imprint in their newborns at birth
Ashish Kumar Vyas (LHMC, Delhi)

Gut microbiome diversity in acute severe colitis is distinct from mild to moderate ulcerative colitis
Saurabh Kedia (AIIMS, Delhi)

(Paper 1-6: 8+2 Minutes)
ISG Zydus oration: 
Philip Augustine, YK Joshi, Vinay Thorat 
Speaker: Anil Arora

Panel discussion: (30 min)
How to take care of high burden of GI diseases in India

VI Mathan, Mohameed S Khuroo, 
Prabha Sawant

Gourdas Choudhuri 
Philip Abraham, Govind Makharia, Abhay Verma
State of art lectures 
Chairpersons: Parimal Lawate, Mandhir Kumar, David Greenwald, Mukta Bapat
LAMS in GI diseases: (20 min) 
Kenneth Binmoeller

EUS guided tissue acquisition future trends (15 min)
Lawrence Ho 

Endoscopic management of pancreatic fluid collection: What is optimum 
Vinay Dhir (15mts)
NAFLD - Therapy beyond weight loss
Chairpersons: Abhijit Chaudhary, UC Patra, Santhosh Sundaresan, CR Panda, Anish Kumar

NASH: Standard of care in 2018 (20 min)
Ajay Duseja 

Newer strategies in NASH: Which way is the wind blowing? (15 min)
Manav Wadhawan 

Lean NAFLD: Indian scenario 
AC Anand (15 min)
13:00-14:00 Lunch and Poster session
14:00-15:00 Enhancing care in IBD
KR Palaniswamy, AK Seth, Rajiv Khosla, Sanjeev Chatni 

Concept of IBD Comprehensive Care Unit: 20min 
Simon PL Travis

Biologicals in IBD:
India specific Issues: 20 min
Vineet Ahuja

Anti-integrins in IBD: 
Vijay Yajnik 

Chairpersons: Devinder Singh,KK Rawal, Kalyan Bose, Amit Mathur

Best practices for safe colonoscopy
Mahesh Goenka

Large colonic polyp resection:
Kenneth Binmoeller

Colonoscopy in IBD –
detection and management of dysplasia
C.Ganesh Pai
Hepatitis C Virus
Chairpersons: YK Chawla, Chitranshu Vashistha, Manas Behra,Nipun Verma

Chronic hepatitis C: National guidelines 
RK Dhiman

Treatment of HCV: Cirrhosis and DAAs non-responders 
Paul Thulvath

Incidentally detected asymptomatic HCV infection: Natural history and way forward
Pankaj Puri
15:00-16:00 GI Bleeding- Management issues
Atul Sachdev, Sunil Jain, Balasubramanian V, Prem Nair

Anti-platelets, anti-coagulating agents in patients with GI bleeding:
What to stop, when to start?
David Greenwald

Peptic ulcer bleeding:
Best practices in 2018
Philip Chiu

Radiological intervention in GI bleeding: Srikantha Moorthy


Shoukat Ali Zargar, SS Sharma , Venkatakrishnan K Iyer, Mollina Khanna

Sedation for basic and advanced endoscopy: What is safe and effective?
Nita George

Reporting of endoscopic findings: What is the optimum? Vikram Bhatia

Quality assurance in endoscopy
Manu Tandon

Liver disease in India 
Chairpersons: George Kurian, PN Rao, BC Sharma, Narayanan V A

Burden of liver diseases in India 
Abhijit Chaudhari (20 min)

Panel discussion: (40 min) 
How to decrease burden of liver disease in India 

Moderator: SK Sarin 
Panelists: SK Acharya, Rakesh Aggarwal, Abraham Koshy, RK Dhiman, Abhijit Choudhari, Kaushal Madan
16:00-17:00 GERD - Indian scenario
Chairpersons: Naresh Bhat, DN Reddy, Philip Abraham, NH Banka

Indian Guidelines on GERD  (25 mts) 
Shobna Bhatia, Abhinav Jain

Management strategies and surveillance in Barrett’s esophagus (20 min)
Prateek Sharma 

Surgical option in GERD: When and What? (15mts)
Ramesh Ardhanari
Valedictory function
Naresh Bhat, Ajay Kumar, Govind Makharia, Philip Augustine, Mathew Philip

Chairpersons: Vikas Singla, Nitin Pai, CC Chaubal,Palaniappan S

EURCP: Expanding wings
Sandeep Lakhtakia 

EUS guided liver biopsy in diffuse liver disease: Evidence based practice: Surinder Rana

Maximizing EUS: Where can we place CEUS, elastography and cofocal laser endomicroscopy
Rajesh Puri 

Endoscopic gall bladder drainage- Indications and techniques: Kazuo Hara
State of art lectures 
Chairpersons: Prakash Dolai, AR Venkataswaran, Ashish Jha, Ravi R, B Shankar Sharma

Leadership in Medicine 
Bhaskar Nandi

Societal responsibilities of Gastroenterologists 
SP Misra

Crisis management in hospital 
KN Panda 
17:00-18:00 Medicolegal issues in GI practice
Chair persons :Rajeev Jaydevan, Jacob Philip,Sunil KUmar ,Sandeep Gopal Moderator:GN Ramesh 

Ashwini Setya
Neeraj Nagpal
Post graduate session in endoscopy

How I do it (Video lectures) 
Chairpersons: Sanjay Kumar, Kinsuk Das, Subhash Nandani, Radhakrishnan S

Amol Bapaye 

Large balloon biliary sphinteroplasty
Piramanayagam P

WOPN-Direct Endoscoic Necrosectomy
Ravi R

EUS guided rectal varices coiling 
Raj V V

Rajesh Kalpala

EUS guided fiducial implantation: Roy J Mukkada
Complications of cirrhosis

Chairpersons: JC Vij, Manisha Banger, Sushant Sethi, Shobana Devi, THANKAPPAN K R

Management of AKI in cirrhosis: 
Rakhi Maiwall

Blood product transfusion in cirrhosis: Risks and benefits
Ashish Kumar

Pulmonary complications of cirrhosis: diagnosis and management
Gaurav Pandey 

Sarcopenia in cirrhosis
Ashish Goel
18.00-18.45 QUIZ TS
19.30 onwards Dinner
Day 3
08:00-09:00 Espresso with experts
09:00-10:00 Issues in Pediatric Gastroenterology 

Transition from pediatric clinic to adult clinic Panel discussion (30 min)

Moderator: Anshu Srivastava
Abha Nagral, Geetha M, Rohan Malik, Ganesh C Pai
Clinical challenges in Pediatric GI practice
BR Thapa, SK Yachha, Ashish Bavdekar, SV Rana,Sreenivasan S
Bowel evacuation disorders in children 
Ujjal Poddar

Challenges in early onset IBD:
Malathi S
Challenges in ERCP 

Chairpersons: Pravin Rathi, Monika Jain, Piyush Ranjan, Anil John,

Enhancing biliary and pancreatic duct Cannulation: Success and Safety 
Randhir Sud

Biliary drainage in altered anatomy: How to enhance success 
Nilay Mehta

Management of difficult CBD Stones – tools and tricks? 
TS Chandrasekhar 

Malignant Hilar Strictures: when to step in?
Vipul Rathore
Clinics in Liver Diseases
Moderators: SK Sarin/Yogesh Chawla
10:00-10:35 Guidelines: 
ISG guidelines on diagnosis and management of H pylori (35 min)

SP Singh, Manoj Sahu, KT Shenoy,---
Speakers: Amit Dutta, Usha Dutta, Vineet Ahuja, Uday Ghoshal 
Complications during endoscopy/ERCP
Chairpersons: KR Vinayakumar,Arvind Khurana, Alexander M J,George Alexander 

Post-POEM complications
Mohan Ramchandani

Post ERCP duodenal perforation: 
RK Wadhwa

Post sphincterotomy bleeding: Best practices
Praveer Rai

Colonoscopy related perforations- management
Chelapathy Rao
Acute liver failure- burning issues
Premashish Kar, Atul Sood, Vijay Mishra , Mathew Jacob

Ammonia lowering therapy in ALF
SK Acharya

Neeraj Saraf

Plasma exchange in ALF and ACLF: When and Why?
Ashok Choudhary

Outcomes and complexities of liver transplantation in ALF: Mohammed Rela
10:35-11:00 State of Art lecture
Chairpersons: SL Broor, BD Goswami, Ujjalla Ghoshal, Shrikant Mukewar

Clostridium difficile infection: pathophysiology, diagnosis, new guidelines on therapy, novel treatments, immunity and immunization: Ciaran P Kelly 
11:00-12:00 IBD- Challenges in management
Vijay Yajnik, Sameer Al Awadhi, GK Dhali, Vandana Midha,Shivaprasad B

CMV in IBD: Unresolved issues
Simon PL Travis

FMT in IBD: when to consider ?
Ajit Sood

Therapeutic drug monitoring in IBD- should it be the standard of practice ?
Devendra Desai

Diet as therapy in IBD: Saurabh Kedia
State of the art lectures
Chairpersons:  Mathew Philip, Prashant Bhandarkar, T M Ramchandran, Ashish Sethi

Endoscopic innovations: Thinking outside of the box 
DN Reddy 

Neuroendocrine tumors of stomach and duodenum: optimal management 
Koji Matsuda

Endoscopic resection in sub mucosal tumors - what is the limit 
Amit Maydeo 
Autoimmune liver diseases- Management issues

K Narayanaswami, Arvind Kelkar, Rajesh Dharmasi,Charles Panakkal

Drug therapy of autoimmune hepatitis: my choice -Corticosteroids or Budesonide
Yogesh Chawla

Management of AIH: Special situations (Decompensated cirrhosis, Pregnancy and elderly)
Anil Arora 

Seronegative autoimmune hepatitis: Diagnosis and management 
Manoj Sharma

Overlap syndromes:
How to approach 
Murugan N
12:00-13:00 Management issues in acute pancreatitis
Chairpersons: Rupesh Pokharna, Sandeep pandey, Rajkumar Soloman, Suresh Zinzuvadia,George Thomas

Early inflammatory events and mediators in acute pancreatitis: Lessons from mouse and humans
Rupjyoti Talukdar

Fluid management in early days after onset of pain
Sudipta Chowdhury

Respiratory complications in acute pancreatitis: Assessment and management
Surinder Rana

Early nutrition in acute pancreatitis
Anoop Saraya
State of art lectures
Chairpersons: Rama P Venu,B Ramesh Kumar, GS Lamba, Suvdip chatterjee

Endoscopy in patients suspected to have malabsorption
Saroj K Sinha

Endoscopy scoring for IBD: How to use and which one to choose 
Raja Affendi Raja Ali 

Optimizing polypectomy techniques
VG Mohanprasad
Symposium on ACLF
AK Jain, Ajith Kumar ,Sujit Chaudhary, Rajashekhar Perumalla,Madhu sasidharan

ACLF patients awaiting transplant: Options for bridge therapy 
Sanjeev Saigal

Newer treatment strategies for treatment of hepatic encephalopathy in ACLF 
RK Dhiman

ACLF: Can we predict and prevent it?
Joy Varghese

Liver transplantation in multiorgan failure
Paul Thulvath 
13:00-14:00 Lunch and Poster session
Symposium: Functional GI Diseases 
Chairpersons: DK Bhargava, Chetan Bhat, Rajesh Upadhyay, Ajith Tharakan,Anand Josshi

Functional dyspepsia: State of Art in 2018
Justin Wu

Indian Guidelines on constipation
Uday Ghoshal 

Overlap between functional and psychological diseases: Impact on the management
Sandeep Grover 

State of art lectures
N Vishwanath, Kuldip Solanki, RS Thangkhiew, Manish Bhatnagar,---

What is new in endoscopy which is likely to change the practice?
Ajay Kumar

POEM: Tricks of the trade for the beginner
Amit Maydeo

Tricks to predict and detectearly mucosal cancers in the GI Tract
Pankaj Dhawan

Hepatitis B Virus
Anil Arora, SC Samal, Deepak Agarwal, JKA Jameel, Saxena S P

Prevention of perinatal HBV transmission: vaccine, immunoglobulin or drugs 
Rakesh Aggarwal 

HBV: Newer strategies for eradication 
V A Saraswat

Post treatment monitoring of Chronic HBV(after SVR) 
VK Dixit
15:00-16:00 Intestinal failure -update

Chairpersons: Philip Abraham, AS Puri, PK Agarawal, Gayathri Gopalakrishnan 

Concept of intestinal functions and failure
Govind K Makharia
CIPO: When to suspect and how to proceed
Sanjiv Sachdeva

Short bowel syndrome: Nutritional management
Vishal Sharma
Endoscopy in Children

Chairpersons: SK Yachha, Sandeep Dhawan, Sadhna Lal, Jayaram Das,Rema KrishnaKumar

Challenges of endoscopy in children: are we well equipped? 
Vidyut Bhatia

Small bowel evaluation in a child: What is optimal 
Rohan Malik

POEM in children: Do we have evidence?
Zaheer Nabi

EUS in pediatric practice: Maya P 
Alcoholic liver disease
GN Yatoo, Shanti Vijayaraghavan, Manas Panigrahi, Aejaj Habibullah, Rahul Pathak

Management of alcoholic hepatitis:
beyond steroids
Virendra Singh

Deaddiction strategy in chronic alcoholics
Atul Ambekar

Optimizing nutrition in cirrhosis 
Aakash Shukla

Liver transplantation for alcoholic liver disease:
unresolved issues 
Mohammed Abdum Nayeem
GI cancers- Indian scenario
Chairpersons: AT Mohan, Pedaveeraju E, Hariprasad Yadav, Ebby Simon

Epidemiology of GI Cancer in India: 
KM Mohandas

How to implement a GI cancer screening program on a national basis
Douglas Corley

Chosing patients for Chemotherapy in biliary malignancies
Atul Sharma 
Endoscopic resection update
Sunil K Mathai, Sanjay Sikka, Sabu antony, Ashik sainu,---

ESD in Colorectal Neoplasia: The Technique 
Prakash Zacharias 

How to make ESD/EMR safer
Shinya Kodizama 

Zenker’s diverticulum : Endotherapy
Pankaj Desai

Endoscopic full thickness resection (FTR) – the technique 
Amol Bapaye
Challenges of liver transplantation 

Ravi Mohanka, Naresh Bansal, Deepak Lahoti, KP Rao, Prakash K

Liver transplantation for HCV cirrhosis in the DAA era
Kaushal Madan

High MELD patients: When is transplant futile? 
Dharmesh Kapoor

Liver with steatosis can be used for liver transplantation
AS Soin

Deceased donor liver transplant in India:
The hurdles and way forward
Viniyendra Pamecha
17:00-18:30 General Body Meeting
19:30 Onwards Banquet Dinner
Day 4
08:00-09:00 Clinics in Endoscopy Moderator: DN Reddy, Mathew Philip
Chronic pancreatitis- burning issues 
Chairpersons: Pramod Garg, Rajesh Gupta ,Ramesh Ardhanari, Thomas C P

Can acute pancreatitis progress to chronic pancreatitis? 
David Whitcomb

Surgery in chronic pancreatitis: Who, When, and How?
H Ramesh 

Can we prevent the progression of disease in chronic pancreatitis: Role of precision medicine
David Whitcomb
Deep journey in the bowel 
Karamvir Chakravorti, RK Wadhwa, Anshuman Somani, Shakeer VK

Small bowel endoscopy: Push/Balloons/spiral/capsule: How to choose? 
Sneha John 

Small bowel bleeding: Realistic approach in clinical practice 
Shajan Peter

Small bowel strictures: endotherapy
Mohan Ramchandani
Day to day management of cirrhosis

Chairpersons: Varghese Thomas , Yogesh Batra, Nirmaljeet Singh Malhi, V S Hemamala,Deepak Verma

Management of insomnia and anxiety disorder in cirrhosis? What’s new?
Sethu Babu

Portal vein thrombosis in cirrhosis: When and How to treat
PN Rao

Muscle cramps in cirrhosis
Ajay Jain

Umbilical and inguinal hernia in cirrhotic patients
B Venugopal
Celiac disease - Screeing and managemnt issues
Rajoo Singh China, Vijay Prakash , Shravan Bohra, Sushil Falodia

Screeing for celiac disease - Whom and How ?
Govind K Makharia

Non responders to gluten free diet- an approach 
AS Puri

New, non-dietary, treatment for celiac disease: why and how?
Ciaran P Kelly 
What is new in Endoscopy? 

BS Satyaprakash, Anurag Govil, BV Tantry, Jose Filipe Alvares

Endoscopy in metabolic diseases: Is it the way forward
DN Reddy
EUS in portal biliophaty-Expanding indications
Hybrid endoscopic surgery:where do we stand today: 
GV Rao
Common issues in liver diseases

AC Anand, Manas Behra, HP Nandeesh, Sanjeev Issar-

Treating tuberculosis in cirrhosis
Harshad Devarbhavi

Invasive fungal infection in cirrhosis
Sunil Taneja

Treatment of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in the era of antibiotic resistance 
L Venkitakrishnan 

FMT in liver diseases - when to consider/
Cyriac Abby Philip 
11:00-12:00 State of art lectures 
Richa Dewan, Ajay Bhalla, Nagarjun Kumar, Anuradha Sathisekaran

What’s new in Gastroenterology which will likely change the practice
Usha Dutta

Patient is exsanguinating: what to do in the middle of the night ?
David Greenald

Interpretation of small intestinal mucosal biopsies in a patient with malabsorption
Anna Pulimoodu
Pancreatic diseases – Current approach
Panel Discussion on acute pancreatitis:
Management of suspected infected pancreatic necrosis (30 minutes)

Moderator: Pramod Garg
Panelists: Samir Mahindra, Deepak Gunjan, Siddharth Srivastava, Peush Sahni 

State of art lectures: 
Sudhanshu Patwari, Sunil Dhadhich, Devesh Yadav, Rohit Gupta

Evaluation of a pancreatic head mass 
Raju Sharma

Groove pancreatitis:
Diagnosis, Clinical course and management
Joseph A J
Pediatric liver diseases:
Chairpersons: VK Mishra, Ashmeet Chaudhary,Sankara Narayanan, Prasanth K S
R Bhanu V Pillai

Approach to metabolic liver diseases, relevant to adult gastroenterologists: Seema Alam

Recent advances in management cholestatic liver diseases
Neelam Mohan

Management of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in children 
Abha Nagral

Management of EHPVO: Not just about treating varices 
Ujjal Poddar
12:00-13:00 Panel discussion (40 min)
Integration of medical, surgical, Oncological treatment in 
carcinoma gallbladder
Moderator: Vivek Saraswat
Panelists: KM Mohandas, Atul Sharma, Anil Agrawal, Lijesh Kumar 

State of art lecture (20 min)
AC Anand, Vinaya chandran Nair K, Shivanand Patil
Corrosive strictures Management - an update Ajaya Kumar
Endoscopy Training – enhancing quality 
Panel discussion (40 min)
Endoscopy Training in 2018: Ways and Means
Moderator: Mahesh Goenka

DN Reddy
Pramod Garg
Saroj K Sinha
Sneha John
Sameer Al Awadhi David Greenwald 

State of art lecture 
Chairpersons: Rakesh Kochhar, Avinash Balekunduru, Ramachandran TM, B Shankar Sharma

Accreditation and relicensing (20min)
Prateek Sharma

State of art lecture: 
Chairpersons: Nutan Desai, Jeevan Kumar, George Joseph, Pratibha Issar 

LI-RADs: primer for clinicians (20 min)
Raju Sharma

Panel discussion (40 min)
Risk assessment in chronic liver disease and surgical clearance
Moderator: Shalimar

Rajesh Gupta 
Madhumita Premkumar
Ashok Choudhary 
Lakhsmi Kumar

13:00-14:00 Lunch with Poster Session
Women Initiatives in Gastroenterology

Moderator: Jayanthi V,Gourdas Choudhari
Panelists: Abha Nagral, Sneha John, Usha Dutta, Neelam Mohan, Philip Abraham, Rao GV

State of art lecture 
Chairpersons: NP Bohidar, Pratap Mouli, Mohan Reddy

IBD Management- Role of complementary and alternative therapies 
Rupa Banerjee
Day to day Endoscopy
Praveer Rai, Manish Jain, Shravan Kumar, Lorance Peter, Neri G.A.Picardo 

Tricks to remove difficult foreign body in the GIT: 
Sandeep Nijhawan

Amit Dutta

Endoscopic management of GAVE
Prakash Dolai

SRUS Management: Logical approach 
State of art lectures:

Chairpersons: Dinesh Kini, Kamal Chetri, Alok Mishra, Haribhakti Sevadas, 

What is new in liver diseases, which is likely to change practice 

Granulomatous liver disease: Beyond tuberculosis: How far to go 
Krishnadas D 

Anti-viral drugs in acute hepatitis: When and where 
CE Eapen
15:00-16:00 Day to day practice in Gastroenterology
MR Kotwal, Saju Xavier, Sudhir Gupta, Prashant Buch, Deepak Gupta

Proctalgia fugax
Nitesh Pratap

Anemia in IBD- logical approach
Rajeev Chandy

Fecal incontinence and biofeedback: 
Rajesh Sainani

Approach to terminal ileal stricture: Ashutosh Mohapatra
Medical Surgical Interface

Parallel session 
Symposium on HCC
Vivek Vij, RK Jain, VM Dayal, Shaji P

Evidence based treatment of HCC (BCLC-B)
Ashish Goel

Newer therapy in HCC: 
Sandeep Sidhu

Bridging and down staging therapy for HCC among waiting list of liver transplantation 
Sudhindran S 
16:00-16:30 Valedictory function
Naresh Bhat, Ajay Kumar, Govind Makharia, Philip Augustine, Mathew Philip